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Electronic Voltage Regulator for Speed Temperature Light Regulation

Electronic Voltage Regulator for Speed Temperature Light Regulation

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This electronic voltage regulator has a wide range of uses,mainly including: speed regulation, voltage regulation, temperature regulation, light regulation and other functions. It ensures a stable and consistent power input, protecting sensitive devices from voltage fluctuations and damage.


VOLTAGE REGULATION: The electronic voltage regulator provides precise control over the input voltage, allowing you to adjust and stabilize the power supply to your electronic devices.

WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE: It supports a wide input voltage range of ACO-220V infinitely adjustable (Voltage meter does not operate when voltage is below 10V), making it compatible with various electrical systems and appliances.

SURGE PROTECTION: The voltage regulator features surge protection capabilities, safeguarding your equipment from sudden voltage spikes and electrical surges.

OVERLOAD PROTECTION: It incorporates built-in overload protection mechanisms to prevent damage to your devices in case of excessive power consumption or short circuits.

DIGITAL DISPLAY: The regulator is equipped with a digital display that shows the current input voltage, enabling you to monitor and adjust it accurately.

NO LAG: The electronic voltage regulator operates without any lag, ensuring immediate response to voltage fluctuations and maintaining a stable power supply.


Material: Galvanized iron casing

Wire length: 85CM

Input voltage: AC220V

Product dimensions: 114*100*80mm

Rated current: 9A (maximum current 18A)

Product weight: 0.6KG

Input Voltage Range: ACO-220V infinitely adjustable (Voltage meter does not operate when voltage is below 10V)

Voltage Regulation Range: ACO-220V infinitely adjustable (with load) down to 0V, starting from a 10V boost

Rated Power Adjustment: Tungsten lamps 4000W, heating appliances 3000W, power tools 2000W, fans 1500W

Protection Functions: Short circuit, overvoltage, overload


1 *  Electronic Voltage Controller


Voltage measurement: Measure the output voltage with a load of 20W or more to obtain accurate results.

Power limitation: The stated 4000W power refers to the maximum limit for resistive loads. For inductive loads, such as series-excited motors, the power limit is one-third of the resistive load. This product is not suitable for use with printed circuit board electronic products.

Safety grounding: The product's metal casing requires proper grounding for safety purposes.

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